Brian Hannah, MS∙MBA
Health Sector Management

Livonia, Michigan

“BU opened my eyes to the amazing amount of innovation and potential opportunities in the health sector.”

Health (sector) enthusiast

After working at a small healthcare marketing agency in Chicago, Brian knew Boston, with its numerous outstanding hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, and medical device companies, was the best place to be for an MBA in the health sector. “The Health Sector MBA specifically drew me to BU, and I really liked the small class size of about 150 students.”

Prior to coming to BU, Brian worked as the director of science and clinical support for GA Communication Group. “I had experience helping companies market and sell their drugs and devices, but wanted to learn other aspects of the industry along with core business fundamentals. BU opened my eyes to the amazing amount of innovation and potential opportunities in the health sector.  As a student in the Health Sector Management Program, we had guest speakers including CEOs and COOs of health plans, hospitals, and drug companies, the Massachusetts public health commissioner, and countless others in practically every facet of the healthcare industry.”

Brian originally wanted to stay in marketing after graduation, but changed his mind. “The more I learned here, the more interested I became in how providers use technology to improve access and quality of care. Because of this, I decided to pursue an MS•MBA degree to earn an additional master’s in information systems.” For the future, Brian is leaning towards health IT consulting and working with providers and hospitals to implement and integrate electronic health records and clinical decision support systems to improve the quality of care.

Brian participates in multiple activities on campus, including intramural teams and several student clubs. One of his notable endeavors was helping to set up a program that pairs MBA students with engineers from the BU biomedical engineering program to evaluate market potential and develop commercialization plans for their technologies. “You can only do things like that in a large research university like BU.”