MS-MBA Association


The MS-MBA Association serves as a lifelong resource for MS-MBA students and alumni by providing educational programming, career development events and by facilitating engagement between students, alumni and technology-minded professionals.


  • Facilitate brand recognition for Boston University’s MS-MBA program within the professional technology sector
  • Foster relationships with highly regarded technology focused organizations and encourage on-campus recruiting
  • Collect and analyze student feedback to identify engagement opportunities with companies and university organizations
  • Provide a repository of information to support students in organizing and prioritizing job/internship related activities and campus event attendance
  • Provide a focal point for marketing technology events catering to MBA students at Boston University including, but not limited to, technology portfolio events, career center opportunities and corporate engagements
  • Facilitate student participation in greater Boston area events focusing on the technology industry


  • Register with the club in order to vote in officer elections and receive email updates.
  • Current students can learn how to stay connected with the MS-MBA Association.
  • Alumni can also get involved in planning and attending MS-MBA Association programming.
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