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The Graduate Investment Fund is a forum for graduate business students interested in a career in investment management, private equity or investment banking to connect with each other, the investment community, and alumni. The Club offers students a unique opportunity to acquire real-world investment analysis and portfolio management skills through management of a student-run, globally-oriented equity portfolio.

Welcome to the BU MBA Global Investment Fund

The Boston University MBA Global Investment Fund is a student-run global equity portfolio designed to provide MBA students with hands-on equity analysis and portfolio management experience. In addition to performing academic work, MBA students have a unique opportunity to acquire real-world investment management experience by formulating, making, acting on and evaluating performance of investment recommendations.

The Fund’s investment philosophy focuses on the pursuit of investment opportunities in the global equity market. The global nature of the Fund reflects the MBA program’s worldwide industry reach and its internationally diverse student population. The research approach of the Fund combines top-down economic, sector, and industry analysis with bottom-up security selection. The Fund employs fundamental analysis, investment valuation, and risk management techniques to pursue investment opportunities.

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