Cohort Cup Committee

small cohortThe Cohort Cup is the BU School of Management’s annual competition among the four full-time MBA cohorts. It provides social and competitive outlets for students, ranging from sports tournaments to the annual talent show. Most importantly, it builds the community and allows students to get to know their classmates outside of an academic setting.

Each cohort earns points through both performance and participation.  Highlights from the 2010 – 2011 include:

  • The basketball tournament, where Cohort A edged out Cohort D for first place by only 1 point.
  • The amazing costumes put together for the Halloween Party.
  • Dean Freeman attending Cheers with Professors.
  • The soccer tournament, where Cohort C won first place.
  • Trying to use our managerial statistics skills to put together brackets for March Madness.
  • The end of the year talent show, where Cohort B won both first place and audience favorite.

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