PhD Programs

Boston University offers a number of financial aid programs to assist you in financing your graduate education. Although the returns are immeasurable, business school is a venture that should be planned carefully and strategically. The long-term financial obligation of your graduate education requires budget planning. The Graduate Programs Office encourages you to begin preparation far in advance of applying to the programs. Our purpose is to help you reach your educational goals by assisting and guiding you through your financial aid process.

To get started, we encourage you to explore the Financing Your PhD Guide.

The following tuition, fees, and other expenses have been established at Boston University Questrom School of Business for the 2016-2017 academic year.

PhD in Management: Tuition and Fees
PhD Tuition * $49,176
Fees * $810
Books and Supplies (Estimated) $1,574
Room and Board (Estimated) $13,050
Incidentals (Estimated) $4,390
Total Educational Expenses * $69,000
* Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.
PhD Dissertation Fees
Tuition * $6,148
Fees * $810
Books and Supplies (Estimated) $196
Room and Board (Estimated) $13,050
Incidentals (Estimated) $4,390
Total Educational Expenses * $24,594
* Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.


PhD in Mathematical Finance: Tuition and Fees
Tuition * $49,176
Fees * $810
Books and Supplies (Estimated) $1,574
Room and Board (Estimated) $13,050
Incidentals (Estimated) $4,370
Total Educational Expenses * $69,000
* Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.

Looking to see tuition rates in another currency?  To convert the US dollar amounts into other currencies, such as Euros, Great Britain Pounds, Chinese RMB and Indian Rupees and see current exchange rates.

Massachusetts law requires all students who carry at least 75 percent of the full-time curriculum to have medical insurance. Students who cannot demonstrate coverage under a qualifying medical insurance plan are required to purchase the University’s student health insurance plan. The cost of BU Medical Insurance for the 2015-2016 academic year was $1,945.

The PhD Fellowship Program provides a financial assistance package to a limited number of outstanding doctoral students. The package consists of three components: a tuition scholarship award, individual Boston University medical insurance coverage, and stipends of research and teaching activities.

The stipend for research and teaching activities is $30,000 per academic year in Years 1 through 5. Please refer to the PhD Program Fellowship Guidelines for additional information.

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5
Full fellowship $31,500 $31,500 $31,000 $31,500 $31,500

Students are expected to serve as research and/or teaching assistants each year as part of the fellowship. Students are required to teach at least one course in either year 3 or year 4.Funding may be prorated the final year. More information on our fellowship programs can be obtained from the Office of Graduate Admission.

If you are a US citizen or permanent resident, you are eligible to apply for one or all of the following programs:

Federal Direct Stafford Loan

The Federal Direct Stafford Loan Program provides low-interest loans to students pursuing graduate education.

To apply for federal financial assistance, you must submit the following:

  1. Obtain a PIN (Personal Identification Number or username) from the Department of Education website. You will need a PIN to complete the FAFSA.
  2. Complete the 2016-2017 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. Boston University’s school code is 002130.
  3. Complete the Questrom Application for Federal Financial Aid and submit it to the Graduate Programs Office via drop off, mail, fax, or scan and e-mail.

US citizens, permanent residents, and international students can finance business school with private education loans. US citizens and permanent residents who qualify as creditworthy do not require cosigners. International students, however, must apply with a creditworthy US citizen or permanent resident with a US-based address.  For more information about lenders in the rapidly changing loan environment, please visit BU’s Alternative Financing Options website.

Private Scholarships

Many State and private organizations offer scholarships to students who demonstrate academic excellence. The Graduate Programs Office encourages you to apply for all external scholarship opportunities. For your convenience we have included a list of Outside Scholarships.

External Resources:

  • Fast Web
    Database of over 1.3 million scholarships, fellowships, and grants
  • FinAid
    Information on scholarships, loans, saving plans, and military aid
  • Scholarships and Grants
    Free US College Scholarships, Grants, Competitions and Awards Resources
  • ScholarshipExperts
    Database of over 2.5 million scholarship awards
  • CollegeBoard
    College Board’s scholarship search from a database of over 2,300 sources
  • CollegeNet
    CollegeNet’s scholarship search
  • GradLoans
    The Student Loan Network provides answers to financial aid questions and links to free scholarship searches
  • The Scholarship Page
    Scholarship search engine
  • AAUW
    American Association of University Women offers awards, grants, scholarships and fellowship opportunities to women
  • Government Finance Officers Association
    Offers accounting, finance and business graduate scholarships
  • The Independent Institute
    Essay contest
  • Collegiate Inventors Competition
    The Competition promotes exploration in invention, science, engineering, technology, and other creative endeavors.
  • TextBookX
    Essay Contest
  • OP Loftbed Scholarship
  • AACE International Competitive Scholarships
    Scholarships to qualified students who are enrolled or planning to participate in an accredited college or university program.
  • Government Grant programs
    *** Cost money for the information
  • Grants for Single Mothers
  • Grants for Single Mothers is among the web’s top educational resource focused on helping single moms. Topics include single mom financial aid, scholarship resources, food and housing programs, parenting advice, and related information. The site is maintained by a single mom , Lindsay Blanche, in hopes to help and educate other single moms in need.

Veterans and military personnel are eligible for educational assistance. If you are interested in taking advantage of this assistance, please contact 1-888-GI-BILL (1-888-442-4551) and speak with a Veterans Benefits Counselor or visit the GI Bill website. Boston University is proud to participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program, an agreement with the Veterans Administration (VA) to fund tuition expenses that exceed the highest public in-state undergraduate tuition rate. Individuals with active duty service since September 11, 2001, may be eligible for this benefit and can apply online at United States Department of Veterans Affairs. As a 2010-2011 academic year participant in the Post-9/11 GI Bill’s Yellow Ribbon Program (YRP), Boston University will provide 20 students with Yellow Ribbon scholarships on a first-come, first-served basis. The University will contribute up to $2,600 per student per semester (fall, spring, and summer) that will be matched by the Veterans Administration.