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Academy of Management ReviewA new paper by Erin Reid and Lakshmi Ramarajan, Shattering the Myth of Separate Worlds: Negotiating Non-Work Identities at Work, is forthcoming from the Academy of Management Review. Article overview
HBR's 10 Must Reads on Strategic MarketingSusan Fournier and Lara Lee’s article “Getting Brand Communities Right,” originally published in 2009, has been reissued as part of the 2013 book HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Strategic Marketing, published by Harvard Business Press Books.
MIS Quarterly“A Hidden Markov Model for Collaborative Filtering,” by Nachiketa Sahoo, Param Vir Singh, and Tridas Mukhopadhyay, appears in MIS Quarterly‘s special issue on business intelligence research. Article overview
Org ScienceNina Granqvist, Stine Grodal, and Jennifer Woolley’s article “Hedging Your Bets: Examining Executives’ Market Labeling Strategies in Nanotechnology,” appeared in the March-April 2013 edition of Organization Science after winning the 2009 European Group for Organizational Studies (EGOS) Best Paper Award. Article overview

    Strategic Organization JournalSamina Karim‘s “Exploring Structural Embeddedness of Product Market Activities and Resources within Business Units” appeared as the lead article in the November ’12 issue of Strategic Organization. Article overview
    MIT Sloan Management ReviewKaren Golden-Biddle‘s “How to Change an Organization Without Blowing It Up” appears in the Winter 2013 “Innovation” issue of MIT Sloan Management Review. Article overview
    Journal of AdvertisingBarbara Bickart and Julie Ruth’s work “Green Eco-seals and Advertising Persuasion,” is forthcoming in the Journal of Advertising‘s special issue on green advertising. Article overview
    Journal of Financial EconomicsA new article by Ana M. Albuquerque, Gus De Franco, and Rodrigo S. Verdi, “Peer Choice in CEO Compensation,” is forthcoming in the Journal of Financial Economics. Article overview
    Journal of Law, Economics & OrganizationKira Fabrizio‘s study “The Impact of Regulatory Uncertainty on Renewable Energy Investments” is forthcoming in the Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization. Article overview
    Financial ManagementGennaro Bernile and Evgeny Lyandres‘s paper “Understanding Investor Sentiment: The Case of Soccer” has won the Pearson Prize for Best Paper in Financial Management. Article overview
    Sloan Management Review - Fall 2012Xin Wang and Z. Justin Ren‘s article “How to Compete in China’s E-Commerce Market” appeared in the Fall 2012 edition of Sloan Management Review. Article overview
    JCPRemi Trudel and Kyle B. Murray’s “Self-Regulatory Strength Amplification through Selective Information Processing” is forthcoming in the Journal of Consumer Psychology. Article overview

      Am Econ ReviewKeith Ericson and Amanda Starc’s “Heuristics and Heterogeneity in Health Insurance Exchanges: Evidence from the Massachusetts Connector” appeared in the May 2012 edition of the American Economic Review

        Mangement ScienceChris Dellarocas‘s article “Double Marginalization in Performance-based Advertising: Implications and Solutions” appeared in the June 2012 Management Science and was recently featured in INFORMS’s podcast series “The Science of Better.” Related podcast 

          Am Econ ReviewJim Rebitzer‘s article “Unhealthy Insurance Markets: Search Frictions and the Cost and Quality of Health Insurance,” won the 2012 Ken Arrow Award for Best Paper in Health Economics from the International Health Economics Association after appearing in the August ’11 American Economic Review. Article overview

            2012-10-17 04:24:19 +00001Nalin Kulatilaka‘s piece from Harvard Business Review, “A New Approach to Funding Social Enterprise,” explores how financial engineering can allow social enterprises to draw investment from the financial markets, rather than from resource-strapped charities, where they have traditionally sought the majority of their support. Article overview 

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