2016 Articles & Books

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Francois Brochet 

  • Brochet, F., Naranjo, P., & Yu, G. (2016). The Capital Market Consequences of Language Barriers in the Conference Calls of Non-U.S. Firms. The Accounting Review91(4), 1023-1049.

Lynn Li

Krishnagopal Menon 

  • Menon, K., & Williams, D. (2016). Audit Report Restrictions in Debt Covenants. Contemporary Accounting Research33(2), 682-717.

Edward Riedl 

  • Neururer, T., Papadakis, G., & Riedl, E. (2016). Tests of Investor Learning Models Using Earnings Innovations and Implied Volatilities. Review of Accounting Studies21(2), 400-437.

Estelle Yuan Sun 

  • Griffin, P., & Sun, E. (2016). Troublesome Tiding? Investors’ Response to a Wells Notice. Accounting and Finance Research5(1), 99-120.


Eric Jacquier 

  • Okou, C., & Jacquier, E. (2016). Horizon Effects in the Term Structure of Long-run Risk-Return Trade-offs. Computational Statistics & Data Analysis100(August), 445-466.

Andrew Lyasoff 

Berardino Palazzo 

  • Lyandres, E., & Palazzo, B. (2016). Cash Holdings, Competition, and Innovation. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis51(6), 1823-1861.
  • Clementi, G., & Palazzo, B. (2016). Entry, Exit, Firm Dynamics, and Aggregate Fluctuations. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics8(3), 1-41.

Israel Shaked 

  • Shaked, I., & Altman, E. (2016). Warning Signs of Financial Distress. American Bankruptcy Institute Journal35(11), 28-29, 83-84.
  • Shaked, I., Orelowitz, B., & Weisfelner, E. (2016). Judging Fraud: The Case of Relying on Wrong Information. American Bankruptcy Institute Journal35(8), 18-19, 57.
  • Shaked, I., Plastino, D., & Dionne, P. (2016). The Predictable Unpredictability of Global Oil Prices, and What It Means for Professionals. American Bankruptcy Institute Journal35(4), 28-29, 99-101.

Information Systems

Paul Carlile 

  • Deken, F., Carlile, P., Berends, H., & Lauche, K. (2016). Generating Novelty through Interdependent Routines: A Process Model of Routine Work. Organization Science27(3), 659-677.
  • Carlile, P., Davidson, S., Freeman, K., Thomas, H., & Venkatraman, N. (2016). Reimagining Business Education: Insights and Actions from the Business Education Jam. Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

Chrysanthos Dellarocas 

Marshall Van Alstyne 

  • Parker, G., Van Alstyne, M., & Choudary, S. (2016). Platform Revolution: How Networked Markets Are Transforming the Economy, and How to Make Them Work for You. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.


Frederic Brunel 

Susan Fournier

Daniella Kupor 

  • Khan, U., & Kupor, D. (2016). Risk (Mis)Perception: When Greater Risk Reduces Risk Valuation. Journal of Consumer Research43(5), 769-786.

Carey Morewedge 

Shuba Srinivasan 

  • Srinivasan, S., Pauwels, K., Yildirim, G., & Demerci, C. (2016). The Impact of Brand Familiarity on Online and Offline Media Synergy. International Journal of Research in Marketing4(33), 739-753.

Monic Sun 

  • Branco, F., Sun, M., & Villas-Boas, M. (2016). Too Much Information? Information Provision and Search Costs. Marketing Science35(4), 605-618.

Remi Trudel 

  • Kettle, K., Trudel, R., Blanchard, S., & Haubl, G. (2016). Repayment Concentration and Consumer Motivation to Get Out of Debt. Journal of Consumer Research43(3), 460-477.
  • Trudel, R., Argo, J., & Meng, M. (2016). The Recycled Self: Consumers’ Disposal Decisions of Identity-Linked Products. Journal of Consumer Research43(2), 246-264.

Markets, Public Policy & Law

Kabrina K Chang 

Stephen M Davidson 

  • Davidson, S. M. , Durkin, S., & Subburamu, S. (2016). Universal Health Care Identifiers: The Challenge of Linking Medical Records. Journal of Ambulatory Care Management39(1), 53-62.

Keith M Ericson 

Kenneth J Hatten 

  • Walter, L., Edleman, L., & Hatten, K. J. (2016). Early entry, capabilities and shakeout in the U.S. Brewing Industry. Journal of Management History22(1), 24-49.

Shulamit Kahn 

  • Kahn, S., & MacGarvie, M. (2016). Do Return Requirements Increase International Knowledge Diffusion? Evidence from the Fulbright Program. Research Policy45(6), 1304–1322.
  • Kahn, S., & MacGarvie, M. (2016). How Important is U.S. Location for Research in Science. The Review of Economics and Statistics98(2), 397–414.

Michael A Salinger 

Susan S Samuelson 

  • Beatty, J. F., & Samuelson, S. S. (2016). Legal Environment. Boston: Cengage Learning.

Operations & Technology Management

Marcus Bellamy 

  • Park, H., Bellamy, M., & Basole, R. (2016). Visual Analytics for Supply Network Management: System Design and Evaluation. Decision Support Systems91(November), 89-102.
  • Basole, R., Bellamy, M., Park, H., & Putrevu, J. (2016). Computational Analysis and Visualization of Global Supply Network Risks. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics12(3), 1206-1213.
  • Basole, R., Bellamy, M., & Park, H. (2016). Visualization of Innovation in Global Supply Chain Networks. Decision Sciences48(2), 288-306.

Janelle Heineke 

  • Lawrence, B., Zhang, J., & Heineke, J. (2016). A Life-cycle Perspective of Professionalism in Services. Journal of Operations Management42-43(March), 25-38.

Nitin Joglekar 

  • Joglekar, N., Davies, J., & Anderson, E. (2016). The Role of Industry Studies and Public Policies in Production and Operations Management. Production and Operations Management25(12), 1977-2001.

Yoo Taek Lee 

Erol Pekoz 

  • Pekoz, E., Ross, N., & Rollin, A. (2016). Generalized Gamma Approximation with Rates for Urns, Walks and Trees. The Annals of Probability44(3), 1776-1816.

 Z. Justin Ren 

Michael Shwartz 

  • Chen, Q., Rosen, A., Borzecki, A., & Shwartz, M. (2016). Using Harm-based Weights for the AHRQ Patient Safety for Selected Indicators Composite (PSI-90): Does it Affect Assessment of Hospital Performance and Financial Penalties in Veterans Health Administration Hospitals?. Health Services Research51(6), 2140-2157.
  • Shwartz, M., Burgess, J., & Zhu, J. (2016). A DEA-based Composite Measure of Quality and its Associated Data Uncertainty Interval for Health Care Provider Profiling and Pay-for-Performance. European Journal of Operational Research253(2), 489-502.
  • Hartmann, C., Shwartz, M., Zhao, S., Palmer, J., & Berlowitz, D. (2016). Longitudinal Pressure Ulcer Rates since the Adoption of Culture Change in Veterans Health Administration Nursing Homes. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society64(1), 151-155.

Anita L Tucker 

  • Nembhard, I., & Tucker, A. L. (2016). Applying Organizational Learning Research to Accountable Care Organizations. Medical Care Research and Review73(6), 673-684.
  • Senot, C., Chandrasekaran, A., Ward, P., Tucker, A. L. , & Moffat-Bruce, S. (2016). The Impact of Combining Conformance and Experiential Quality on Hospitals’ Readmissions and Cost Performance. Management Science62(3), 829-848.

Organizational Behavior

 Michel Anteby 

  • Chan, C., & Anteby, M. (2016). Task Segregation as a Mechanism for Within-Job Inequality: Women and Men of the Transportation Security Administration. Administrative Science Quarterly61(2), 184-216.
  • Anteby, M., Chan, C., & Julia, D. (2016). Three Lenses on Occupations and Professions in Organizations: Becoming, Doing, and Relating. The Academy of Management Annals10(1), 183-244.
  • Knight, C., Tilcsik, A., & Anteby, M. (2016). The Geography of Stigma Management: The Relationship between Sexual Orientation, City Size, and Self-Monitoring. Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World, 2, 1-10.

Douglas T Hall 

  • Kossek, E., Ariane Ollier-Malaterre, A., Lee, M., Pichler, S., & Hall, D. T. (2016). Line Managers’ Rationales for Professionals’ Reduced-Load Work in Embracing and Ambivalent Organizations. Human Resource Management55(1), 143-171.

Elizabeth Rouse 

  • Rouse, E. (2016). Beginning’s End: How Founders Psychologically Disengage from their Organizations. Academy of Management Journal59(5), 1605-1629.
  • Humberd, B., & Rouse, E. (2016). Seeing You in Me and Me in You: Personal Identification in the Phases of Mentoring Relationships. Academy of Management Review41(3), 435-455.

Kristin Smith-Crowe 

Strategy & Innovation

Iain M Cockburn 

  • Cockburn, I. M. , Lanjouw, J., & Schankerman, M. (2016). Patents and the Global Diffusion of New Drugs. American Economic Review106(1), 136-164.

Kira Fabrizio 

  • Chatterji, A., & Fabrizio, K. (2016). Does the Market for Ideas Influence the Rate and Direction of Innovative Activity? Evidence from the Medical Device Industry. Strategic Management Journal37(3), 447-465.

Caroline Flammer 

Stine Grodal 

  • Kahl, S., & Grodal, S. (2016). Discursive Strategies and Radical Technological Change: Multilevel Discourse Analysis of the Early Computer (1947–1958). Strategic Management Journal37(1), 149-166.

Siobhan O’Mahony 

  • O’Mahony, S., & Dahlander, L. (2016). One Foot In, One Foot Out: How Does Individuals’ External Search Breadth Affect Innovation Outcomes?. Strategic Management Journal37(2), 280-302.