Organizational Behavior

Our mission is to both create and disseminate an understanding of how organizations and individuals behave to inform and affect the scholarship and practice of management and leadership. Hence, we focus on the individual, the group, the organization, and the environmental context, recognizing the important interactions across all four domains. In both our teaching and research, we strive to improve what and how organizations and individuals perform. We use a full range of research and teaching methods to accomplish that mission. Beyond the School, we maintain involvement in academic and professional organizations, government groups, corporate forums, and other associations that constantly bring us in contact with researchers, leaders, and managers who both influence and are influenced by our research and teaching.

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We devote our teaching and research to areas that have impact. In teaching, we participate in team-taught, crossdisciplinary courses because we believe that leaders and managers must be able to apply multiple perspectives and work across functional boundaries to solve complex challenges. We seek to build our students’ conceptual foundations and practical experience, enabling them to act as catalysts for team and organizational learning as well as their own future development. We emphasize research on fundamental questions that contribute to scholarly knowledge and advance practical understanding. We use field research and other inquiry approaches that allow access to organizational phenomena as they unfold in live situations

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