Markets, Public Policy & Law

downloadpdf-1 The Markets, Public Policy & Law Department conducts research and teaching at the intersection of business and public policy.  The common thread linking all our work is an economics-grounded but interdisciplinary approach to applied managerial problems, especially those having important implications for public policy.  As a group we share a commitment to research that combines academic rigor with a firm grounding in real world institutions and decision making.

Research Competencies

Our group has three primary research competencies:

  1. Applied Microeconomics: Our research in this area includes empirical and theoretical work in firm strategy and organization, health economics, environmental economics, personnel/ labor economics,  and behavioral decision making.
  2. Law and Public Policy: Our research in this area touches on such issues as innovation and intellectual property rights, antitrust policy, investments in scientific and engineering human capital,  health insurance and health care delivery, regulatory transparency,  employment law and labor standards.
  3. Ethics and Corporate Governance: Our research in this area concerns the ways in which social responsibility issues and social norms broadly conceived influence the practice of management and the governance of firms.

For general inquiries, please contact:

Tom Elsey
Senior Program Coordinator
Phone: (617) 353-2654