Our Mission

We take an interdisciplinary approach to develop consumer knowledge that guides firm strategy, informs public policy, supports customer well-being, and educates the next generation of leaders and academicians.
We use insights and methods from psychology, anthropology, economics, and computer science to understand how market factors and social context influence customer perceptions, decisions, and actions.
We possess distinctive expertise in explaining how value is created, captured, sustained, and measured in the physical and digital worlds.

Our Philosophypdficon

We seek to bridge research and practice through applied research activities and a world-class faculty that embraces the expertise gained through business experiences.
We value experiential learning as an opportunity to apply concepts and frameworks to real world problems, which benefits our students, the business community, and broader stakeholder groups.
Our open-minded, inclusive, and supportive culture allows everyone to have a voice.
We care about teaching and strive to create a vibrant community of learners supported by classroom innovations and leading-edge content.

For general inquiries, please contact:

Drew Quinton
Senior Program Coordinator
Phone: (617) 353-4149