The Institute for Global Work

The Institute for Global Work (IGW), founded in 2007, was made possible by a $1.67 million gift from the Keane Foundation to Boston University School of Management.

IGW is an influential driver of research and thought leadership—one that shapes and guides leading-edge practices for global business processes.   With a mandate to foster partnership between industry and academia, the institute works collaboratively with member companies, worldwide academic bodies, and think-tanks to generate compelling research that motivates managers to think and work differently on a global scale.

How and Why IGW Was Formed


Current Projects of the Institute

Competing in Business Networks

N. Venkat Venkatraman

Capability Platforms and Innovative Business Models

John C. Henderson

Networked Teams:  Leveraging Social Networking Tools and Analytics to Impact Team Performance

Jesse Chu Shore, George Wyner, John C. Henderson

Contact Information

Professor John C. Henderson, Director