Learning Goals

Executive Master of Business Administration

The integrated approach of the EMBA program strikes a balance between theory and real life through live case studies, experiential activities, and class discussions. The curriculum provides a high-impact learning environment that engages participants through strategic workouts, teaming, visioning exercises, simulations, role-playing, and other interactive learning techniques. Included in the curriculum are three residential weeks and an international trip which takes place in a location determined by the faculty and is integrated with a curriculum module focused on the global environment.

EMBA Learning Goals

The learning goals of the EMBA program have been adopted by the EMBA Program Development Committee as the competencies all graduates of the program should attain. From these learning goals the program has developed measurable objectives, which are regularly assessed and results are fed back into the curricular design process.

Specifically, the learning goals of Boston University’s EMBA program are as follows:

  • We develop graduates who demonstrate ethical leadership
  • We develop graduates with a global perspective
  • We develop graduates with strong leadership
  • We develop graduates who understand and excel in collaborative teamwork
  • We develop graduates with strong communication skills