Executive MBA Program Details

Team learning. Intimate classes. Side-by-side education with mid-career peers. These are the hallmarks of the BU EMBA, internationally recognized as a trailblazer in true executive education. Painstakingly designed and rigorously taught, the program ensures that your MBA is more than a degree. It’s a transformation.

Integrated: A Curriculum for Executives

The BU EMBA focuses on general management. We don’t limit you to narrow categories or rigid disciplines. You learn the way you work: by solving challenges that demand executive expertise and insight. The 18-month curriculum gives you a comprehensive business foundation, reinforced by advanced techniques. But it also takes you further: ensuring you harness your data and organization to drive key decisions in a global environment.

Intimate: Team-Based Learning, High-Flying Peers

Your fellow students are more than classmates. They’re extraordinary leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds and industries. So we select a class that is a true community: tightly bonded, impressively open, and dedicated to each other’s success. And we then emphasize personal development, leadership skills, and most of all team learning: integrated projects, iterated teams, and even team-taught cases. As an executive you’re working in a team environment; you should expect to learn the same way.

Immediate: Making an Impact Today

Effective executive learning means not waiting for the payoff. That’s why the BU EMBA consistently connects your education with your work: what you do, how you lead, where you advance. Every weekend, every module, every day of the international trip and program calendar, you find yourself energized to drive change in your organization – and your career.

EMBA Faculty: Educators and Guides

Our faculty members are thought leaders in their fields. Their real-world experience, combined with their academic research and global focus, keeps their teaching current, relevant, and cutting-edge. And because of the program’s intimate structure, you can count on building a direct, lifelong connection with experts renowned worldwide.