At Questrom, we’re constantly innovating. For years, we’ve been integrating the topics of business and technology in teaching and research. We are a leader in teaching the importance of information technology in the digital age, and we are always seeking new ways to equip our students with the latest tools they need to make an innovative impact in their business or industry.

Our MBA+ MS in Digital innovation (MBA+ MSDi) joint degree is our core technical management offering, designed for students who want to accelerate their journey into future career roles such as:

Business Solution Leaders – leading teams to transform the business with new technology capabilities such as process automation, digital marketing, and enhancing the customer experience.

Business Analytics Leaders – bridging the work of data analysts into a broader business context, and/or leading teams to transform businesses through data-driven decision making and the integration of analytics into business processes.  Students on this path must have a strong interest in statistics and a willingness to dive deeply into analytics and machine learning.

Digital Strategy/Transformation Consultants – advising institutions on strategic choices for new digital capabilities, recommending programs for implementation and managing teams for transformation.

Technology Product Managers – learning to develop a deep understanding of customers’ needs and managing technology teams so you can create products and services that impress.

Regardless of your focus, this exciting joint degree engages you in hands-on learning where digital innovation lives: at the crossroads between business and technology. You’ll obtain the management tools and strategic perspectives to leverage data, people, and the reach of digital technologies to address critical business needs, transform existing markets, and grow new ones. Best of all, you’ll earn two valuable degrees from BU in just 21 months.


We also give you the chance to add extra focus to your MBA+ MSDi with a concentration. No matter which you choose, you’ll learn from faculty who continue to define these fields and who are eager to share their real-world insights with you.

  • Energy and Environmental Sustainability

    Complete the Energy and Environmental Sustainability (EES) concentration and you’ll be able to understand the energy and sustainability-related challenges that businesses face, how businesses can adapt to these challenges, and how to identify, evaluate, and act upon the opportunities created by these changes. With EES, you might go on to work in the sustainability offices of multi-national consumer product companies, at a clean-tech venture developing innovative technologies to solve energy and sustainability challenges worldwide, or in life science, insurance, medical devices, or hospital administration. Wherever you end up, this concentration is for students looking to lead organizations increasingly concerned with climate change and environmental sustainability.

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  • Entrepreneurship

    Got a brilliant start-up idea in your back pocket? We’ll help you make it a reality. Directed by the BUzz Lab in conjunction with the Strategy & Innovation department, the Entrepreneurship concentration will help you think like an entrepreneur and understand how to increase your project’s chance of success. The skills you gain build on general MBA content to help you learn how to create value in an entrepreneurial context, whether it’s a new venture, an existing firm, a social enterprise, or a foreign market. Consider combining Entrepreneurship with another concentration to further develop entrepreneurial expertise in specialized areas of interest.

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  • Finance

    Understanding financial implications of corporate decisions, such as financing, investment, risk management, and mergers and acquisitions among many others, is crucial for the success of a business. The Finance concentration will teach you how to crunch financial numbers and make value-maximizing decisions. In addition, you’ll learn how the capital market works and how to avoid losing out in the market. After completing the Finance concentration, you may consider a career in investment banking, commercial banking, and money management, among many other options.

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  • Leadership and Organizational Transformation

    The Leadership and Organizational Transformation (LOT) concentration will help you develop your capabilities in leading organizational change and transformation. In the complex, global, dynamic world in which we live, as future organizational leaders, you’ll need to be able to deal with ambiguity, work collaboratively with multiple stakeholders in bringing new ideas to fruition, and reflect on and engage perspectives that differ from your own. These capabilities aren’t just good to have—they’re mandatory. Indeed, the success of your leadership will be determined not only by how skilled you are at delivering value and anticipating and adapting to the future, but also by how well you are able to lead others in change. Through LOT, you’ll develop the essential knowledge, skills, and experience you need to lead effective transformation with respect to individuals, groups, and organizations.

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  • Marketing

    Marketing is the function that connects consumers’ needs with the firm’s capabilities to create value for the market. In the Marketing concentration, you’ll learn about methods and theories that provide insight into consumers’ purchase and consumption behavior as well as their pain points to identify opportunities. In addition, courses in this concentration will equip you with the analytic skills and strategic perspective required to manage the brands’ meaning, product design, communications mix, pricing, and distribution. Students engage in team projects that provide hands-on experience making marketing decisions.

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  • Operations and Technology Management

    Are you the type of person who wants to make a real impact on an organization’s efficiency and effectiveness? Are you the type of person who cares about cross-functional and cross-organizational coordination and execution? We encourage you to consider the Operations & Technology Management (OTM) concentration. After all, an organization’s ability to create value is critical to its long-term survival. And through operations, strategy is translated into the actions that deliver value.

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  • Strategy and Innovation

    The Strategy and Innovation concentration builds the skills needed to formulate and implement an organization’s key strategies. It prepares students for a career in consulting, or ones that involve firm and industry analysis, such as business-development jobs, leadership or rotational program positions, or business-analyst roles. The concentration is also well suited for students seeking general management or project-based work at small, family-owned or entrepreneurial firms, or careers in innovation or technology commercialization. It teaches students to apply tools and concepts from industrial economics, strategy, and organization theory to analyze and solve real business problems and formulate practical recommendations. Courses combine cases, qualitative research, and data analysis. The foundations course emphasizes the fundamentals of firm and industry analysis, organization design, and concepts of innovation and technological change.

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