SM411: Charting Your Career Path

Managing your career is such a crucial skill that we have developed a specific course to tackle this subject. The semester-long course is required for graduation and is taken sophomore year concurrently with OB221: The Dynamics of Leadership.

Through this course, you will be equipped with the necessary tools to ensure that you are self-aware and market-ready when you join the work force. Internal awareness will be combined with hands-on direction and guidance in resume and cover letter development, research techniques, networking tips, and interviewing skills.

Combined with these practical tools, the semester-long course will also offer the opportunity to explore the various concentrations offered within the School of Management. Guest speakers from various industry sectors will share their internship and career journeys and offer a real-world perspective.

Topics Include:

  • Craft your resume
  • Create effective cover letters
  • Target your career goals
  • Develop creative job search strategies
  • Profile industries and research companies
  • Network and conduct informational interviews with industry professionals
  • Ace the interview
  • Gain valuable insight from guest speakers