Recruiting Policies

We value the relationships we hold with our employers and feel that it is in the best interest of both the students and employers to maintain recruiting policies.

Offer Policy

Summer offers: All full-time offers that come from summer employment must remain open until November 1st.

Full-time offers in the Fall:  Full-time employment offers made in the fall must remain open until the last business day of November.

Full-time offers in the Spring:  Full-time employment offers made in the spring must remain open for a minimum of 10 business days.

Pre-Select Policy

Pre-selects must be sent to the Feld Career Center no later than 3 days prior to the corresponding on-campus interview.  In the event that pre-selects are not received 3 days prior to the on-campus interview, the employer will be responsible for contacting students directly and arranging their own interview schedules.