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Thank you for your interest in Boston University Questrom School of Business.

We have a unique position in management education, and we are pursuing excellence in everything we do. We are part of a great research university, in an international city with many financial, industrial, healthcare, and nonprofit organizations.

If you are considering an education at a management school, you are focused on outcomes: How will the school shape my knowledge of the field? Will I learn relevant new skills that will enhance my effectiveness as a leader? Will I build a network of friendships that will enrich my life? What will the education do for my career?

At the Questrom School of Business, we focus on delivering exceptional outcomes for you, inside and outside the classroom:

  • Our strong faculty includes distinguished scholars, dynamic teachers, and seasoned real world practitioners from the world of business.
  • Our curricula are rigorous and demanding, as you put your intellectual, interpersonal, and decision making skills to the test.
  • Our students come here from all over the world, bringing diverse educational and cultural backgrounds and work experiences.
  • The city of Boston provides an outstanding backdrop as a leading center for high technology, healthcare, and entrepreneurship.
  • The School continues to receive global recognition. In 2014, our undergraduate program was ranked 16th in employer opinion and 23rd overall in Bloomberg Businessweek. In 2013, our Customized Executive Education programs were ranked 10th in the US by the Financial Times and in 2014 our Health Sector MBA Program was ranked 11th overall by U.S. News & World Report.

The role of business builders and leaders is to create value—generating an appropriate financial return on investment at the same time, we seek to improve the lives of others. Successful organizations with strong leaders are a boon to their communities. We take very seriously our responsibility to provide you with an educational experience that yields a responsible and responsive global leader who positively impacts employees, customers, owners, and the communities where you operate.

These are the advantages afforded by an education at Boston University Questrom School of Business. We are committed to creating value for you during your time with us, preparing you for a lifetime of creating value in your business pursuits.

Come join us!

Kenneth W. Freeman

Kenneth W. Freeman
Allen Questrom Professor and Dean
Boston University Questrom School of Business