Learning Assessment

The Questrom School of Business’ Learning Assessment Program exists to promote curricular innovation and continual improvement within each of our degree programs. With the vision of preparing students for the demands of the business world of today and in the future, the Program is essential to raising the caliber of the student learning experience. Our learning assessment initiative aims to link new and existing assessments within a comprehensive, programmatically based process.

We seek to define the essential learning goals for graduates of each of our degree programs; map these goals across the curriculum; find direct measures of student learning for each goal; and create an assessment feedback loop within each program.

The learning assessment process is driven by the following activities:

  • Learning Goals: Learning goals are developed for each degree program by the appropriate Program Development Committee and encompass the functional skills and content competence that each program graduate is expected to acquire.
  • Mapping the Curriculum: Learning goals are mapped across the program’s curriculum to ensure that the curriculum adequately prepares students in each goal area.
  • Objectives: Objectives are developed within each learning goal and define measurable activities for assessment. Objectives could include student performance on a specific subset of questions within an exam, proficiency in a skill (such as presentation skills) measured using a rubric, or the use of a deliverable (such as a case analysis) to measure critical thinking.
  • Measurement Design, Data Collection and Analysis: Using the learning objectives as a guide, existing and new measurement instruments are identified for use, and a representative sample of actual student work is anonymously collected. Student work is then analyzed and findings are summarized to demonstrate overall levels of proficiency, such as the percentage of students exceeding, meeting, or failing to meet desired standards.
  • Curricular Review: The goal of the learning assessment program is to provide useful, direct measurements of student learning to inform the curricular review process. Aggregate assessment results are presented to faculty and the relevant Program Development Committee for review. Areas of weakness are addressed and modified to best prepare students to achieve desired program outcomes.