Our Approach

Creating Value for the World

We teach students to think of creating value for their organizations, their communities, and the world.

We strive to teach the broader picture of the organization, as well as the organization’s—and the individuals—place in the larger society. Along with teaching functional and industry-specific skills, we also explore the ethical, global, and social responsibility considerations of managerial decisions.

Collaborative Mindset

Organizations increasingly depend on teams, with team members from various backgrounds or even on different continents. While it serves as an example, but more because it’s effective, we use both collaborative teaching and team learning as an integral part of the School’s educational process. We believe that to be an effective team leader, first you need to understand team dynamics, and what can grow from the input of diverse participants.

Forward-looking Orientation

We see three dominant industries in the next several decades for which we are preparing our students.

  • Digital technology will continue to grow, in the areas of hardware, software, storage, communications, the web, the cloud, and whatever is beyond.
  • Health care and life sciences will require even more smart young leaders to create newer, better models of care, new medicines and devices, new imaging technologies, new models of coverage and compensation, and new advocates for policies to address a broad expanse of issues.
  • Social enterprise and sustainability will require people trained in recognizing and acting upon multiple business and social opportunities, entrepreneurs who will create clean and profitable alternatives to fossil fuels, and leaders who will step into existing organizations and find ways to implement cleaner, more progressive processes.

Technological Mastery

Leveraging our outstanding information systems expertise, we have woven the discussion of technologies into an increasing number of our courses. We’re not teaching people to become programmers—we’re teaching people to harness and optimize the strategic application of technological tools.