The Boston Advantage

Boston, home to approximately 60 colleges and universities, hosts more than 250,000 students during the academic year, and all the businesses, entertainment venues, and cultural activities that cater to them.

A World-Class Hub of Business and Entrepreneurial Resources

With all the universities, libraries, technology centers, and financial institutions, the city boasts possibly more researchers and PhDs per capita than anywhere else on Earth. That means an unparalleled concentration of intellectual, business, entrepreneurial, and scientific organizations that seek and reward a constant inflow of fresh young minds with new energy and new ideas.

Sure, some of the folks here have funny local accents. But we take education seriously. Not to mention our cultural assets (architecture, art, museums, libraries, symphony), historical landmarks, restaurants and clubs, shopping, and our college and pro sports teams. The School itself is just two blocks away from Fenway Park, where the Red Sox play.

Boston is a fascinating, walkable city with an excellent public transit system. Yet nearby you will find ocean and lake beaches, mountains, and wilderness. Home to major financial institutions, the world’s premier hospitals, high tech, bioscience, and more, Boston’s academic community and local firms enrich each other.

When you attend Boston University Questrom School of Business, you get Boston, too. Use it to your advantage.

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