Internship Tell All 2

Our Specialty Masters and Dual Degree Students Share Their Experience Interning Through the Summer.

As summer nears a close, we’ve brought the Internship Tell All back for a second debut. This time, showcasing the summer internships of our specialty masters and dual degree students. Learn about the roles that these students found themselves in this summer, the opportunities they gained, and the change they helped contribute to.

Katherine Caine (MBA+ MPH’18)

Katherine Caine worked for Totohealth this summer, the social enterprise that creates products and services to improve maternal and child health in Tanzania. Her internship revolved around mHealth and furthering the possibilities for mobile technology to fill gaps in provision of care. She says she was responsible for, “designing, creating, and formulating a bring-to-market strategy for a totally new product for my company: a series of SMS-based educational modules for caretakers of children with certain disabilities.”

Caine says, “working with Totohealth provided a unique look into the world of social enterprise; it was amazing to watch the company continually carve its own path in the Tanzanian market and lead its growth mission-first.” She explains that working in a start-up broadened her opportunity, saying that she, “wouldn’t have changed anything about the experience.”

Parul Kashyap (MBA+ MPH’18)

Parul Kashyap also interned with Totohealth and her role their aligned with her focus on emerging markets and her six years of experience in start-up people operations and public health interventions in both Honduras and Silicon Valley. Kashyap worked on Totohealth’s operations and product development including launching a mobile product financing platform called mWallet. She says, “learning about the unique mobile health space in East Africa that is challenging the status quo of medical supply chains for maternal and newborn care in Tanzania.” She says she is grateful to have been able to “add value to Totohealth’s ecosystem of private and public partnerships.”

Jiahui Xia (MSMF’18)
Clear Creek Capital, LLC.

Working on a team of three, Jiahui Xia found himself interning with Clear Creek Capital, LLC this summer motivated by their goal to design a strategy based on VIX options and SPY options. To do this, he says, “first thing to do is to follow the market.” He explains that at Clear Creek they employ technical analysis and quantitative analysis.  Xia says that the company works to streamline all major market events from January 2009 that affect market index and recognize daily chart patterns during those events. He explains that the company works on “specific strategies that make the best use of our previous work.”

Mayan Rothstein (MBA+ MSDi’18)
Princess Cruises

During her internship with Princess Cruises, Mayan Rothstein worked on a one-year marketing campaign that outlines the go-to-market strategy for executive communication. She explains that this involved conducting surveys, analyzing market research data, evaluating KPIs, and collaborating with department heads in order to strategize effective marketing tactics and garner stakeholder buy-in. She says that as a cross-departmental liaison with the company, her intention was to incorporate “the most effective content in an engaging manner as a means to enhance brand awareness.”
Once Rothstein established the goals of her campaign, she developed creative content for a variety of marketing materials. She explains what she brought to the company, saying that, “My contribution to the company is both analytical and creative, which has prompted me to elicit skill sets of both types. This experience has been an effective integration of my prior experience in marketing and what I learned last year in the MBA program.”


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