What’s Next for Workers

The Atlantic interviews David Weil, an Obama appointee in The Department of Labor and professor in Questrom School of Business about his thoughts on the future of the Labor Department under the Trump administration.

David WeilIn the article, The Future of the Department of Labor Under Trump, David Weil, professor, markets, public policy & law, reflects on our previous administration and shares insight on the early stages of our current one. Weil, who formerly headed the Labor Department’s wage-and-hour division under the Obama administration, participated in an interview on the topic, which appeared in The Atlantic.

When asked if American workers are better off after Obama, Weil shared, “I think we were making headway… We were having traction in a lot of the activities in the Labor Department. And you can’t overlook the importance of the Affordable Care Act in terms of improving the lives of working people. I do believe we were starting to move the needle in significant ways.”

As for Weil’s thoughts on how he feels the Department of Labor will change under President Trump, he had many areas of concern. One was the overtime rule. He explains, “It’s a new chapter, though. Let’s see what other signals come out of the White House—what are they doing with the overtime rule, for example? That’s going to be an incredible measure of how serious they are.” Weil later shared, There’s a lot of writing on the wall that deeply, deeply concerns me.”

To read Weil’s full perspective on the topic, view the full interview.

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