A Human Touch to Business

Amtrak leaders share stories behind company success.  

Ken Freeman, Allen Questrom Professor and Dean led a conversation with Joseph Boardman, Former President and CEO of Amtrak and Barry Melnkovic, EVP and Chief Human Capital Officer, Labor Relations, Diversity, and Lean Enterprise Solutions and HR Executive of the Year during our October 27th Dean’s Speaker Series.

The conversation touched upon the importance of business with integrity.  Melnkovic explained the work behind achieving high customer satisfaction and shared that it begins with the people.  He said, “It’s always around the people there’s a human element to business.”

While Melnkovic spoke about the employee and customer experience, Boardman continued to stress the value of humility in the world of business, saying that, “It’s about your values…it’s about doing what is right.”  The conversation ended with Boardman’s last—simple yet powerful—point, which was, “leadership is character.”

“Conversations with Ken” is part of the Dean’s Speaker Series. It is a focused thirty-minute discussion between Dean Freeman and his guests. View previous episodes of Conversations with Ken on YouTube.

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