Dean Freeman Tells CEOs in WSJ: Prepare Your Company for Upheavals

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November 26th, 2013

The Wall Street Journal‘s online portal “The Experts,” which features video chats and short online posts from an exclusive group of industry and thought leaders, asked Allen Questrom Professor and Dean Ken Freeman: What one question would you want to pose to leading chief executive officers?

He poses his question with the future (and necessary anticipation of it) in mind:

What are you doing to prepare your employees and your company for the next disruptive change?

Create a culture of transparency, openness, and collaboration, to be able to anticipate and then recognize disruption when it happens. Reward risk-taking and creativity, so that you can address disruptive challenges quickly and effectively. Get outside the four walls (real or virtual) of the company to gain insights from the marketplace. Do so, or sell your shares.

View “The Experts” post here.