Experience the Urban Safari

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October 26th, 2012

Zoe Tey’s Art Decorates SMG Water Fountains

Wildlife is always drawn to watering holes, so don’t be surprised when you see a giraffe staring down at you the next time you take a drink from the SMG building’s second-floor water fountain. At the third-floor fountain, you’ll be sharing with a Blue-tailed Bee-eater bird.

The animals are the subjects of artworks created by Zoe Tey (BSBA’15), who is doing a minor in the College of Fine Arts School in Visual Arts.

Tey¬†did the assignment for an art class that required a site-specific piece on campus. “I saw the indented walls at the drinking fountains on every floor of SMG and thought that they were meant to hold a piece of art; the spaces are like frames formed by the walls, waiting to be filled.

“I’m interested in animal patterns and colors, and also nature with a hint of technology (the way I “pixelated” the images). The two pieces are called Urban Safari.”

After she finalized her proposal, she approached Allen Questrom Professor and Dean Ken Freeman to ask if he would be open to the idea, and he readily agreed to the installation. Zoe did most of the work toward the end of last spring and early part of the summer. The pieces were installed on September 4.

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