All Up in Your Facebook: The Legal and Management Implications of Screening Applicants with Social Media

in Digital Technologies, Research Day
May 14th, 2012

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Kabrina Chang

Markets, Public Policy and Law

Author: Kabrina Krebel Chang

You can be fired for off-duty posts to social networking sites. But now you can be hired in just the same way. The new Facebook Score and a Social Networking Report allow employers to use your social networking activity to make hiring decisions. While more than 50% of responding employers in a recent study reported looking at and basing decisions on an applicant’s social networking activity, a newly-devised “Facebook Score” offers employers a five-characteristic checklist for determining suitable employees. Employers can even outsource this task to companies like Social Intelligence, which generate Social Networking Reports similar to traditional credit reports. Are employers crossing a legal line in an attempt to hire the best candidate?