Faculty in the News: April 27, 2012

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April 27th, 2012

Experts weigh in on airlines, Facebook, and Wal-Mart

Boston University Public Relations’ Professor Voices blog features a sampling of quotes by the School’s faculty experts, including:

Professor of Finance

on “The end of individual legacy airlines” (NECN): Michel discusses the future of the airline industry, mergers, and prices for consumers.

Professor James PostJAMES POST
John F. Smith, Jr. Professor in Management 

in “Wal-Mart Bribery Allegations Stir Up FCPA Debate Anew” (Wall Street Journal):

“I don’t see any political momentum to see FCPA reform now with what looks like a landmark case. You’d have a hard time in an election year, in any event, but I think the Wal-Mart case is so consequential it basically freezes the possibility of reform any time soon.”

in “Wal-Mart Probe Follows Decade of Sex Bias, Overtime Suits” (Bloomberg):

“Wal-Mart’s had a long history of legal conflict because they have a way of doing business that pushes the edges of what the law allows. Sometimes it goes over the line.”

on “Wal-Mart may face considerable fines, reputation issues” (Dow Jones Newswires):

“In [the wake of the FCPA investigation] are sure to follow lawsuits from a variety of government agencies, would-be competitors, and Wal-Mart shareholders. The company, many of its senior executives, and members of the board of directors all risk civil and criminal litigation.”

in “Wal-Mart may pay millions to resolve Mexican bribery allegations” (Los Angeles Times):

“You have an incredible amount of legal challenges that are going to take part as a result of these failures. The board of directors should bring in an outside firm to launch a full investigation. They have to open up the record on everything that’s happened here.”

David J. McGrath, Jr. Professor in Management 

on “Facebook’s ‘watershed moment': a breakdown of what the IPO means” (Professor Voices): Venkatraman discusses what the IPO means for Facebook employees, users, competitors and the broader economy.

in “Evaluating the risk factors of the Facebook IPO” (Professor Voices): Venkatraman on possible risk factors the company may face with the IPO.

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