Max Alexander, BSBA’11

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March 7th, 2012

max25You could, just maybe, say that Max Alexander is well-rounded.

Max currently holds the title of consultant analyst on the Information Technology Services (ITS) team at Questrom, where he is the principle designer and developer for the School’s official Intranet website (SMGWorld), as well as creator of an advanced software tutorial suite for faculty, students, and staff. At the same time, he’s starting a business focused on high-end 3D and 2D design and animation whose original product Zink Pulse Minarai, he explains, is “3D motion capture software in OpenGL for polymorphic engine deployment.”

He’s also a musician who has performed at Carnegie Hall and was named First Place Medalist for the Drum Corps International Partners Academic Award Contest. Oh, and he’s fluent in French and Mandarin Chinese (plus proficient in Japanese and Kazakh).

So in his downtime, what’s a guy like Max to do but try to be productive? This has led him to his latest role as project programmer, web designer and developer, and marketing designer for the new startup Kamuu, founded by Questrom Information Systems professors Stephanie Watts and George Wyner.

When Professors Watts and Wyner met Max in the Questrom classroom, they were impressed with his energy, intelligence, and entrepreneurial spirit. So when the Questrom junior learned of their new technology initiative and wanted to get involved, they figured there was a good chance he could bring some value to the table. Kamuu’s first product, in whose development Max is playing an integral role, is the Kamuu iPhone app.

“Kamuu’s new app is a barcode-scanning mobile application that allows you to use your power as a consumer to change the way companies spend their money,” Alexander explains. “Scanning a product with Kamuu gives you clear and concise information about the company that produced it, allowing you to make real, informed choices while you shop.

“Let’s say you disagree with how much a company is spending on advertising when it could be creating jobs,” Alexander continues. “Then let Kamuu be your megaphone, and allow your purchasing power to finally begin making a positive difference.”

Given Max’s proven track record of success across multiple fields and roles, we’re guessing he may be onto something.