Finance Undergrads Win Boston Regional

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February 28th, 2012

SMG Seniors Win Boston Investment Research Challenge

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Chris Fanning, a team mentor from Wellington Management, with undergraduate students Eldar Karymsakov, Elaine Lin, Amit Singh, Luiza Santos, and Professor Scott Stewart.

Chris Fanning, a team mentor from Wellington Management, with undergraduate students Eldar Karymsakov, Elaine Lin, Amit Singh, Luiza Santos, and Research Professor Scott Stewart.

The School of Management finance undergrads have done it again.

Congratulations to Boston University School of Management students Amit Singh, Elaine Lin, Eldar Karymsakov, and Luiza Santos (all BSBA’12) for winning the Boston Investment Research Challenge on Wednesday, February 15, 2012.

This is the fourth year in a row that BU has made the final round in the Boston Investment Research Challenge, and the second time that our students have won.

The competition is sponsored by the Boston Security Analyst Society and the CFA Institute. Area schools join the competition by invitation (based on past performance) and prepare a written investment research report in the fall. Most schools send teams of MBAs, but not BU. Four schools were selected from this group: BU was joined by Bentley undergrads, and Brandeis and MIT MBAs for the February 15 finals competition where student teams presented their analyses and recommendations.

As the winners of the Boston round, Singh, Lin, Karymsakov, and Santos will now advance to the Americas Regional in New York City on April 10th to compete against other winning teams from North and South America. The BU team finished third at the NYC round in 2009.

Teams who win in New York advance to the world finals.

The students have worked closely with Research Professor Scott Stewart of the Finance department in a directed study on investment. To compete on the Investment Research Challenge team, the students have to have been part of the BU Finance Club and also enroll in a rigorous directed study where they do a deep analysis of an industry, and then a deeper investment analysis of a chosen company within that industry.

“The reason our students are so strong,” says Stewart, “is that they get exposure to business analysis and valuation early on in the School’s Finance Club and fine tune these skills in the directed study program. It’s run much like an investment research department, with a hierarchy of analysts and traders who investigate—and invest in—real companies, with faculty guidance. As freshmen, students start to pick up the vocabulary and build early skills as members of one of 8-10 investment teams. They gain more responsibility each year, and by senior year, they’re way ahead of most students elsewhere. The directed study program takes this skill set to a professional level, where members become specialists on their own in a narrowly-defined industry. These students in turn are leaders in the club and teach others about investment research. ”

Alumnus Jason Krishnan (BSBA ’03), one of the earliest members of the Finance Club and the directed study program, is today a CFA charterholder and research analyst with RGM Capital in Naples, FL. “The combination of the club and the directed study was an excellent way to learn how to do research and exposed us to the real work we might one day be doing. You see the good and the bad, learn what data are most important to an investment decision and how to succinctly communicate an investment recommendation to your peers.  When I went to my first finance internship interview, I already knew what the job entailed and that got my foot in the door. That in turn, led to my job today.”

For more information, please visit The Boston Security Analysts Society and the tournament bracket.