2012 India Field Seminar

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February 9th, 2012

From January 1 through January 14, 20 MBA students traveled through India with the 2012 India Field Seminar.

About the India Field Seminar

The Indian Field Seminar is focused on health sector management and the rapidly changing global forces of the health sector as they intersect with the dynamics of an emerging country. The program includes visits to government agencies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, health sector start-up companies, health centers, research laboratories, and academic research settings. The seminar is designed to help students examine the emerging global market in the health sector and understand the complex interacting dynamics of economic development, international competition, government policy, and the entrepreneurial initiative in a key emerging country. More Information

About the International Field Seminars

International Field Seminars are offered to those graduate students who seek to learn outside the classroom and beyond the book. Students begin their studies in a Boston classroom with preliminary research and complete the program abroad. More Information