Jon Tepe, MS·MBA ’10

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October 10th, 2011

Jon TepeFormerly with Deloitte Consulting, Strategy & Operation

Why did you choose BU School of Management?
BU was the only well-established, highly ranked program that offered a dual degree (MS·MBA) in two years.

My undergraduate degree was in MIS and finance, and I’ve seen first hand the value of the MS degree in consulting. It’s an invaluable skill when you can speak to the IT organization as well as the business side.

And the school happens to be in one of my favorite cities.

What’s been your biggest gain since coming to the School?

First and foremost, my classmates. I’ve met some incredible thinkers who can be counted on to offer challenging points of view, as well as simply being wonderful human beings. Studying with classmates like this really make this material come alive, because at least one person can always relate the material to real life.

How is Boston itself an advantage?
Nowhere else in the country are there so many educated, interesting people all living in the same city; there’s 50 colleges here. It also provides great networking opportunities between schools. For instance, we just held the BU Grad Society event which gets all the grad schools at BU together to discuss networking, professional development, and social events. We partnered with MIT’s similar organization this weekend for a great event with over 450 people attending.

Great time, and only possible in Boston.