Jesse Brooks, MS·MBA ‘10

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October 4th, 2011

Jesse BrooksWhy did you choose Boston University?
Because of the unique student body composition.  The School’s special programs like the MS·MBA, Public & Nonprofit, and Health Sector Management attract a different type of student body than you would find at any other school. The mix of students creates an unmatched and highly varied environment, which really fosters stimulating discussions. The students are also more focused on learning through collaboration, rather than a cutthroat, “everyone-is-on-their-own” mentality.

What’s been your biggest gain since coming to the School?
The West Coast Networking Club focuses on helping students with an interest in career opportunities on the west coast, network with companies located in California. I participated in the annual Technology Trek, which allowed me to meet with hiring managers from companies like Apple, Adobe, CBS, Electronic-Arts, and Chevron. Ultimately, this led to securing my MBA summer internship at Chevron Headquarters.

Please comment on your MS·MBA experience.
The MS·MBA program has been great so far. It has allowed me to take a closer look at how technology enables companies to be more efficient. Now when I see a problem within an organization, I have many additional problem solving tools that I can use. MS·MBA students come from a wide range of backgrounds, and so prior technical experience is definitely not necessary to benefit from the program.