The Health Sector Management Program goes to India

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August 30th, 2011

Each year, 20 MBA students from Boston University go to India to learn about the rapidly changing global forces of the health sector as they intersect with the dynamics of an emerging country. Following a series of meetings in Boston, students travel through India for two weeks visiting Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The field study program includes visits to government agencies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, health sector start-up companies, health centers, research laboratories, and academic research settings.

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Boston University’s India Field Seminar.

Each year a group of MBA and other graduate students travel to India to gain a deeper understanding of issues and solutions facing global health care. In this video, Professor Mark Allan, faculty director of BU’s Health Sector Management Program, and recent alumni discuss the trip.

The Indian Field Seminar is designed to help students:

  • Examine the emerging global market in the health sector.
  • Understand the complex interacting dynamics of economic development, international competition, government policy, and entrepreneurial initiative in a key emerging country.
  • Evaluate more efficient and effective development and delivery models created in an environment of limited resources.
    Identify business opportunities in the health sector presented by rapid development in India and other emerging countries.
  • Analyze and compare business strategies that seek to align business goals with societal aims, emerging markets, and revenue streams.
  • Explore and evaluate the use of strategic alliances, public-private partnerships, and multiple financing mechanisms to support new venture development.

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