Severine Cukierman, BSBA’12

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March 8th, 2011

Right At Home – Where Passion and Academics Meet.

Severine Cukierman
Severine Cukierman (BSBA ’12) is a very busy woman. “As soon as I visited Questrom, I knew it was where I wanted to be. I felt right at home.” While it seems like a common sentiment, for Severine Cukierman (BSBA ’12), home has always been a fluid concept. Raised in Miami, Florida, Cukierman has had roots in a diverse collection of locales. “My mother is Dominican and my father is French,” she explains, “so I was brought up speaking English, Spanish, and French in my household, as well as traveling to Paris and to the Dominican Republic throughout my childhood.”

Cukierman’s cultural background contributed heavily to her academic pursuits. The majority of her classes in middle school were conducted in French, and she now speaks five languages, including Italian, which she learned here at BU. Her scholastic strengths don’t end there. Prior to Questrom, Cukierman attended the Maritime and Science Technology Academy, a magnet high school for math and science in Miami. She continues to excel in her coursework at Questrom, and was recently awarded the Arnold L. Beatrice Linter Scholarship for her academic distinction.

She credits her parents with giving her the tools to accomplish her goals. “I watched them struggle to raise me and give me the essentials; they always put me first and supported me,” she shares, “I’m the first in my family to attend college and eventually plan to go to law school. I’m extremely driven to be successful.”

“Dancing is my getaway.”

Outside of class, Cukierman’s energy and focus are often dedicated to dancing. An avid dancer since the age of five, she has worked as an instructor at In Motion Dance Center in her hometown of Miami, and is currently a member of Vibes, an all-female hip hop group here at BU. “Dancing is my getaway,” she reveals, “it’s something I do for myself.” However, the future could hold an opportunity to combine her academic and athletic passions, as she plans to pursue a career in entertainment law, with an eventual focus on the management side of the music industry. She has also worked as an intern for Gamble Sports Management, an independent basketball agency, and is an active member of the Questrom community, serving as a Dean’s Host and working with incoming freshmen as a student advisor during summer orientation.

Cukierman plans to graduate in the spring, a year earlier than the traditional four-year college experience, and from there, intends to add to the list of diverse places she has lived. “I’d like to take a year or two off to go abroad, learn another language, and work in a field that’s out of my comfort zone,” she states. Though her destination is not yet definite, with her powerful determination and impressive set of skill and talents, Cukierman should easily fit right in and make herself at home.