Andres Macias, MSMF’12

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January 11th, 2011

Talks About His Background and Experience at the School of Management

Andres Macias, MSMF ‘12 (photo credit: Adriane Dean)

Andres Macias, MSMF ‘12 (photo credit: Adriane Dean)

On Life Before BU:

“I received my BA in actuarial science from Anahuac University in Mexico City.

“After graduation, I worked for several years in risk management for Santander Financial Group. Since I was part of a small department, I also had the chance to get involved in other areas, and I got more interested in finance that way.”

On Choosing School of Management:

“I wanted to continue developing my analytical skills, and the Master in Mathematical Finance (MSMF) Program offered by Boston University was the perfect opportunity.

“It gives a great importance to the theory but also to the practice. We learn mathematical tools to solve complex financial problems and we actually put them into practice, which many schools don’t do.”

On The Math Finance Experience:

“The experience in the program has been incredible so far. All the classes have been very valuable to our education, and even if this semester was predominantly theoretical, it is very interesting to see how all of the different aspects are connected. I can just imagine how exciting the next two semesters are going to be.

“My favorite course this semester was Stochastic Calculus for Finance II, taught by Professor Kardaras. It was the most challenging one, but also the one I learned the most from.”

On Looking Toward the Future:

“I am looking forward to going back to work in the financial industry and putting into practice the tools I’m learning now. Risk management is a field that I loved working in, but I would like to try something different—hopefully involving the pricing or analysis of complex derivative securities.”

On Life Outside of School:

“I like sports, swimming, and jogging. I also love music. I’m terrible at playing musical instruments, but I enjoy going to concerts.”

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