The Transparency Tipping Point: Business trends, care implications, and innovation in the health sector

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May 28th, 2010

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Plus: How Boston University School of Management is shaping tomorrow’s health sector innovators

At the “Transparency in the Health Sector:  Business Trends and Care Implications” conference on April 20, 2008, Mark Allan, Faculty Director of the Health Sector Management Program at Boston University School of Management, discusses the history—and the future—of transparency in the healthcare industry.  

Early studies linked to transparency made clear the surprising fact that additional financial resources were not the key to making the important improvements needed within the U.S.’s health management sector, Allan explains.  Instead, these studies revealed that the most critical factors for ensuring quality healthcare were a renewed commitment to quality and enhanced hospital processes.

“The way that [today’s] program brings together a CEO of a hospital, a top corporate officer in a biopharma company, and a CMO who’s also a practicing physician, is really emblematic of how the Health Sector Management Program operates [at BU School of Management].  We believe that the different parts of the sector are related, and we approach education from this perspective.

This kind of conversation is typical of what goes on in the classroom here.”

–Mark Allan, Faculty Director, Health Sector Management Program

Now, the most critical aspect of transparency in medical care involves information around medical errors, Allan says, while in the biopharma industry, transparency has become a crucial issue for clinical trials.  He also argues that today we’re at a tipping point in public, industry, and educational views around transparency.

Here, hear why he defines this tipping point as a great opportunity, both for those currently working in the health care sector and for students hoping to build a career and become future innovators within it.