Laura Plattner, MS•MBA’10, Public & Nonprofit Management

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May 18th, 2010

Laura Plattner, MS-MBA ’10Why did you choose BU School of Management?
I chose BU because of its excellent and longstanding Public and Nonprofit Program (PNP). My classmates are a wonderfully diverse, interesting, incredibly smart, and down-to-earth collection of people that I feel very fortunate to have in my classes and clubs everyday.

Tell us about your PNP experience.
I appreciate the PNP program for creating an environment that is supportive of a variety of business aspirations diverging from the typical management career path. The program has opened my eyes to many new areas of interest: corporate social responsibility, social entrepreneurship, sustainability, green energy, etc. I feel fortunate to have Professor Kristen McCormack’s expertise and guidance as a backbone of the program, as well specific coursework, such as the Marketing Social Change class.