Ben Lawrence, Doctoral Candidate / Lecturer, Marketing

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May 18th, 2010

Ben Lawrence,  Doctoral Candidate / Lecturer, Marketing

Ben Lawrence, Doctoral Candidate / Lecturer, Marketing

BS, Cornell University
MBA, Texas A&M University

What are your primary research interests?
My primary research interests include community formation and maintenance, social identification, and the impact of community participation on relationships. My dissertation investigates independent franchisee associations – a unique organizational entity that exists within various franchise systems. I’m working to understand the factors that lead to their various organizational forms, their impact on franchisee identification, and their role in influencing relationships between franchisee and franchisor. Several other projects with various faculty members include one on consumer-generated advertising and consumer engagement, and one investigating the impact of community involvement on the price sensitivity for new and used products.

Why is the School of Management a good fit for you?
The School provides a rich cross disciplinary working environment. Faculty members reach across research domains to collaborate on projects, bringing diverse perspectives and research skills. Within the marketing department and in the school as a whole, diversity in methodological and theoretical expertise provides doctoral students both the width and depth of knowledge with which to explore and learn. 

What’s been your biggest gain since coming to the School?   
The ability to develop, conceptualize, and investigate interesting and impactful research topics. I have always been able to come up with questions but lacked the knowledge and skill to understand which questions were worth researching. 

Is there any BU resource you would highlight as having enhanced your experience here?
The faculty and their willingness to integrate me into their research projects have been the most valuable learning experience. As a doctoral candidate the most important role to play is an active mentee. Luckily at SMG I have been afforded multiple mentors who have guided me through the process.