BU MBA Placement Rate 5th among BusinessWeek’s Best B-Schools

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April 8th, 2010

bloomberg-businessweek-logoBusinessWeek Profile Data for 2009 Now Available


In this time of increasing economic uncertainty, Boston University School of Management continues to deliver value, according to BusinessWeek. The publication officially ranks full-time MBA programs in even years, updating  Schools’ profile data in odd years. According to updated 2009 profile data, the School of Management has a 90% job placement rate for MBAs, which places the School 5th compared to the top 30 schools. The School also reports an average starting salary of $93,725, which is 96% of the average salary for the top 30 schools ranked.

Senior Associate Dean John Chalykoff said, “MBA students are intensely focused on meaningful opportunities for career development, and we never lose sight of that. Recruiters come to us from all sectors and industries because they know we prepare uniquely well-rounded students who can think both analytically and creatively about business challenges.”

MBA students are intensely focused on meaningful opportunities for career development, and we never lose sight of that.

“The general trend for MBA programs is a downturn in investment banking and finance offers. The Boston University School of Management has long made a conscious effort to attract and engage a broad diversity of recruiters and to guide students through highly targeted searches. We’re seeing the wisdom of that approach embodied in these most recent statistics,” said Assistant Dean of the Career Center, Scott Timmins.

We’re seeing the wisdom of [our] approach embodied in these most recent statistics.

Top 30 schools among the top five for job placement are University of Chicago, Yale University, Washington University, Harvard Business School, and Stanford University (tied with Boston University).

About Boston University School of Management
Founded as the College of Business Administration in 1913, Boston University School of Management educates builders and leaders, uniquely fusing the art, science, and technology of business. The School is the global pioneer of the MS•MBA program, a rigorous dual-degree, next generation MBA integrating traditional management education with expertise in the information technologies that are transforming every business. The School also offers executive programs along with its undergraduate degree and a full range of graduate degrees, such as the top-ranked MBA in Health Sector Management and the MBA in Public & Nonprofit Management. For more information, visit http://www.bu.edu/questrom/.