Elyse Lupin, MBA/MS’09, TV Management

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March 26th, 2010

Elyse Lupin, MBA/MS’09, TV Management

Originally from Blue Bell, Penn., outside of Philadelphia, Elyse chose Boston University’s MBA/MS in Television Management because it “combines my love of business and marketing with my passion for the media field. It will help me obtain knowledge in two years that would have taken me many years of work experience to gain.” Elyse had worked in the entertainment industry for five years before beginning her MBA/MS degree. Boston University held a unique appeal for her because it’s a major metropolitan city as well as a hub for academia.

Why BU?

“Boston University was the right choice for me because it is giving me the opportunity to learn from experienced marketers and professionals with many years of accomplishments in the media field.

“My business knowledge has grown exponentially, not only in marketing, but also in IT, strategy, and organizational behavior. The MBA/MS in TV Management is helping me to reach my goals of becoming a marketing manager in the entertainment industry by giving me a solid understanding of current integrated marketing practices and a deeper comprehension of how these practices relate to the media field.”

Post-Graduation Plans

After graduation, Elyse hopes to work as a senior marketing manager at a major media network. “I am prepared to utilize the marketing practices I have gleaned, plus my greater insight into the media industry, to successfully lead my company into whatever the future holds.