Adriana Otalora, MSMF’09

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March 26th, 2010

Why choose this program?

Adriana Otalora, MSMF '09

The program provides a deep understanding of the world’s financial issues from an international perspective: first, by having a multicultural environment with fellow students and professors from all around the globe, and second, by applying theoretical models into up-to-date real world situations.

What’s your background?
Before I began the program, I was back home, in Bogota, Colombia, where I completed a B.S in Industrial Engineering with an emphasis in Finance and Quantitative Models in 2004.  A year later, in 2005, I finished a Masters in Economics there. While studying, I also served as a macroeconomics assistant professor for two years. After my studies, I worked for two years as an investment professional on the International Reserves Trading Desk at the Central Bank of Colombia, and then for another year at the Latin American Reserves Fund as a Portfolio Manager. I also acquired my CFA certification, having passed the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level II Exam.

Is there a five-year plan?
In five years time, I would like to establish myself in the financial industry as an asset manager by providing the market with innovative investment ideas, with the highest level of integrity, in order to secure profitable opportunities from uncertain market fluctuations. This will then provide me with the necessary leadership and strategic skills needed to become a Chief Finance Officer.

What motivates you?

The satisfaction and challenge of being able to understand the world as it goes through its increasingly financially unstable faces. This unsteadiness has created the need for new instruments that allow for better, more accurate measurements in order to improve investment decision-making. Therefore, new analysts like myself need to acquire the skills to effectively counteract financial fluctuations with up-to-the-minute theoretical and practical financial understandings, combined with solid analytical methods for developing valuable investment strategies.