Aspen Institute’s Global 100: Beyond Grey Pinstripes Ranking

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March 15th, 2010

studyingSchool Ranks 37th in U.S. for Social and Environmental Stewardship


The Aspen Institute places Boston University School of Management #37 nationally and #52 globally for MBA programs that “lead the way in integrating issues of social and environmental stewardship into their curricula and scholarly research.”

This biennial ranking, published in their report “Aspen’s Global 100: Beyond Grey Pinstripes,” also recognizes schools that prepare the MBA graduates best equipped for “success in a competitive and fast changing global economy.”

“Aspen’s Global 100” focuses specifically on four areas:

  • Relevant courses
  • Student exposure
  • For-profit impact
  • Faculty research

The School ranked particularly high in the for-profit impact category (14th internationally), illustrating the degree to which Boston University School of Management encourages students to change business values and practices across the board, and not only within specialized industries.

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