Douglas T. Hall Gives Money Magazine Advice on Hiring a Career Coach

in Career Related, Organizational Behavior
February 19th, 2010

HallDouglasWhen Money Magazine wanted to know, “Should You Hire a Career Coach?” they turned for advice to Douglas T. (Tim) Hall, the Morton H. and Charlotte Friedman Professor in Management at Boston University School of Management and director of the School’s Executive Development Roundtable. Money reports,

If you want to pursue individual coaching, some due diligence can help ensure that your money is well spent. Start by asking for referrals, both from people you know and a professional group in your industry.

Narrow your list to three, and interview them to find out about their experience, success rates, and typical clients. Be wary of coaching certifications, says Douglas T. Hall, professor of organizational behavior at Boston University’s School of Management. (Some can be achieved in a single weekend.) Instead, look for a master’s in counseling psychology, human resources, or organizational leadership. Speak with past clients about their experiences and, finally, request a free initial session.

From the article “Should You Hire a Career Coach?” by Arnessa A. Howell, Money Magazine (print edition), October 2009.