Boston University School of Management Corporate Recruiter Offers Career Advice in the Boston Globe

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February 19th, 2010

Treat job hunt “as additional class” and “tap hidden market,” McRoberts urges

Reporting on job shortages in the financial services sector—and savvy career-seekers’ strategies for success despite these shortages—the Boston Globe solicits advice from Karen McRoberts, a senior corporate recruiter at the Feld Career Center and Boston University School of Management. They write,

It used to be that a master of business administration could almost guarantee a gig on Wall Street, but not anymore. A national unemployment rate that hit 9.7 percent last month has left six job seekers for every one job. Adding to that, the financial services sector, a mainstay for MBA grads, cut tens of thousands of jobs following the financial crisis and continues to shed hundreds of jobs each month….That has left some MBA graduates wondering how to adapt their career plans to the new market realities so they can use their coveted degrees….
Whatever they decide, Karen McRoberts, the senior corporate recruiter at Boston University’s School of Management, said students who are persistent and can reconfigure their job hunt are reporting success. She said the students who have been most successful in finding jobs are the ones who tap into what she calls “the hidden job market,’’ or who apply for jobs at companies that “may have two or three opportunities, or even just one opportunity, as opposed to 100 opportunities.’’
“We’ve certainly felt the repercussions of the past year,’’ said McRoberts….“But those students who treat the job hunt as if it’s an additional class will be successful. I think there’s a realization that you have a plan A, but now might not be the time to go after that plan A, so it’s good to have backup plans.’’

From the article “With financial services jobs in short supply, newly minted MBAs are exploring other options,” by Dave Copeland, Boston Globe, September 13, 2009