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Vol. #8, 2017 - Issue 4, Winter (PDF)

Vol. #8, 2017 - Issue 3, Autumn (PDF)

Vol. #8, 2017 - Issue 2, Summer (PDF)

Vol. #8, 2017 - Issue 1, Spring (PDF)

Vol. #7, 2016 - Issue 4, Winter (PDF)

Vol. #7, 2016 - Issue 3, Autumn (PDF)

Vol. #7, 2016 - Issue 2, Summer (PDF)

Vol. #7, 2016 - Issue 1, Spring (PDF)

Vol. #6, Fall 2015 (PDF)

Vol. #5, Fall 2014 - Spring 2015 (PDF)

Vol. #4, Fall 2012 - Spring 2013 (PDF)

  • Editor's Note by Liza Katz
  • Dona Roşu: At the Cemetary Gate, trans. by Arnold Johnston and Deborah Ann Percy from Romanian
  • Arthur Schnitzler: an excerpt from Anatol, trans. by Christopher Blair from German
  • Five Microfictions by Edgar Bayley, trans. by Emily Toder from Spanish
  • Three Scots poems, trans. by Kent Leatham
  • Rumi: Qazal #143, trans. by Sassan Tabatabai from Persian
  • Five Chinese Poems, trans. by Zackary Sholem Berger and Eleanor Goodman w/Wang Au
  • Wulf, trans. by Christopher Linforth from Anglo-Saxon
  • Madeline Weinstein: Presence in Another Language: Yves Bonnefoy and the Challenges of Poetic Translation
  • Marina Tsvetaeva: Swans, trans. by Patrick Corness from Russian
  • Three Yiddish Poems, trans. by Zackary Sholem Berger
  • Stepan Shchipachev: On the Way to the Farm, trans. by Patrick Corness from Russian
  • Three Italian Poems, trans. by Thomas Wisniewski, winner of the 2013 Robert Fitzgerald Prize

Vol. #3, Fall 2009 - Spring 2010 (PDF)

  • Editor's Note by Liza Katz
  • Four Poems by Boris Ryzhii, trans. by James Stotts from Russian
  • Natasa Tanska: verses from Chatterbox, trans. by Patrick Corness from Czech
  • Osip Mandelstam: Stanzas, trans. by Anna Razumnaya from Russian
  • Xia Chuan: Integrating the Elements
  • Paul Claudel: Dissolution, trans. by Tim Keane from French
  • Fernando Iwasaki: Shadow of the Warrior, trans. by Jordan A. Yamaji Smith from Spanish
  • Rachel Mennies: Cities without Voices (review)
  • Alexander Pushkin: First Song, trans. by Rebecca Wangh from Russian
  • Two Poems by Hafiz of Shiraz, trans. by John Slater and Jeffrey Einboden from Persian
  • Adonis: The Bird, trans. by James Riggan from Arabic
  • Clearing House (column)

Vol. #2, Fall 2007 - Spring 2008 (PDF)

  • Editor's Note by Matthew Kelsey
  • Three Poems by Mariana Marin, trans. by Adam Sorkin & Daniela Hurezanu from Romanian
  • Poems by Hernan Zúñiga and Hipolito Alvarado, trans. by Alexis Levitin from Spanish
  • Michael Davitt: Rebel Yell, trans. by Daniel Pritchard from Irish Gaelic
  • Roberto Bolaño: Murderous Whores, trans. by Jane Losaw from Spanish
  • Three Poems by Dámaso Alonso, trans. by Kelly Egan from Spanish
  • Nicolas Born: he learned there what war is, he says, trans. by Laura Manuel from German
  • Migjeni: The Song of the Sparrow, trans. by Lindita Ciko from Albanian
  • Gregory Bontrager: A Note on Translating Lyrics
  • Chelsea Gunter: On Celan Translating Dickinson
  • Dygo Tosa: Kimi Matsuto: Translations from the Classical Japanese Man’yōshū
  • Dutch Treat: Translations from Dutch Poets, trans. by Nora Delaney
    Régis Jauffret: Three Microfictions, trans. by Nora Delaney, Julie Johnson, and Zachary Bos from French
  • Oswald de Andrade: Poems of Colonization, trans. by Tom Jungerberg from Portuguese
  • Clearing House (column)

Vol. #1, Spring 2007 (PDF)

  • Editor's Note by Matthew Kelsey
  • Vicente Huidobro: an excerpt from Sátiro, trans. by Ambar Castillo from Spanish
  • Velimir Khlebnikov: Artists of the World!, trans. by Anastasia Skoybedo from Russian
  • Théophile Gautier: The Supper of Armor, trans. by Christopher Mulrooney from French
  • Giorgos Seferis: Mycenae, trans. by Doug Herman from Greek
  • An excerpt from De Rerum Nature, trans. by George Kalogeris from Latin
  • Eugene Schwartz: I’ve lived my life…, trans. by Ilya Gutner from Russian
  • Victor Hugo: After Reading Dante, trans. by James Johnson from French
  • Beppe Fenoglio: an excerpt from A Day of Fire, trans. by Louisa Mandarino from Italian
  • Poems by Horace and Catullus, trans. by Marcia Karp from Latin
  • Pablo Neruda: Ode to Wine, trans. by Maria Fellie from Spanish
  • Dygo Tosa: Komoyo-Mikomochi: Translating the Opening of the Man’yoshu and the Difficulty of Translating Classical Poetry
  • Albert Ehrenstein: Mohamlet in Mahattan, trans. by Sheldon Gilman and Robert Levine from German

Vol. #0, Fall 2006 (PDF)

  • Editor's Note by Matthew Kelsey
  • Two Poems by Osip Mandelstam, trans. by Anastasia Skoybedo from Russian
  • Heinrich Böll: Something Will Happen, trans. by Ben West from German
  • Meng Haoran: Last Night, trans. by Claudia Huang from Chinese
  • Constantine Cavafy: Ithaka, trans. by Doug Herman from Greek
  • The Wanderer, trans. by Emily Nagle from Anglo-Saxon
  • Antonio Machado: Two Poems, trans. by George Kalogeris and Gláucia Rezende from Spanish
  • Guila Clara Kessous: an excerpt from, trans. by Grace Smith and Debbie Wiess from French
  • Virgilio Piñera: The Meat, trans. by Grecia Álvarez from Spanish
  • Mahmoud Darwish: The Express Train, trans. by James Riggan from Arabic
  • Sappho: "to her female companions", trans. by Jesus Kalergis from Ancient Greek
  • Yehuda Amichai: Jerusalem, trans. by Micah Shapiro from Hebrew
  • Dygo Tosa: On Petrarch’s Canzoniere in English
  • Rudaki: The Beloved’s Beauty, trans. by Sassan Tabatabai from Persian
  • Octavio Paz: Between leaving and staying, trans. by Stephanie Shih from Spanish
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