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From the forthcoming Spring 2014 relaunch issue:

"Two Minds" by Benny Andersen
        translated by Michael Goldman from Danish

Two Poems by Bolesław Leśmian
        translated by Joanna Proulx from Polish

"Life as a Gnome" by Urs Widmer
        translated by Jillian Saucier from German

Excerpt from Vis & I by Farideh Razi
        translated by Niloufar Talebi from Persian

"My Life with Armenian Literature"
        by Diana Der Hovanessian

"Huidobro’s Auto-translations & the Kinship of Languages"
        by Nathan Hoks, with three poems translated from Spanish

Two Poems by Guillaume Apollinaire
        translated by Alexander Dickow

The "Lament for Arbad" attributed to Labid
        translated by Alex Foreman from Arabic

Three Chapters from "Things that Disappear" by Jenny Erpenbeck
        translated by Hillary Gospodarek from German

Selections from "La virgen de los sicarios" by Fernando Vallejo
        translated by Kevin Dunn from Spanish


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