Goals of the Neurological Residency Program

  1. Become advanced, expert practitioners in neurologic physical therapy with the goal of improving patient outcomes of those with neurological disorders
  2. Appreciate the process of scientific inquiry through participating in clinical research and contributing to the body of knowledge in the field
  3. Engage in the critical review, interpretation and synthesis of the scientific literature and apply relevant findings to clinical practice
  4. Become competent, skilled teachers in the education of colleagues , novice physical therapists, physical therapy students and patients
  5. Become leaders by engaging in community service / community program development to meet the needs of patients with chronic neurological disorders
  6. Demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism in all clinical, research, education and community activities

Upon completion of the Neurologic Residency Program, residents will be prepared to sit for the ABPTS examination to become a board certified clinical specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy