Psi Chi

Psi Chi LogoPsi Chi is the International Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 to promote excellence in scholarship and further the science of psychology. There are over 1,000 chapters of Psi Chi at senior colleges and universities in the USA and Canada;  BU’s chapter was founded on April 10, 1953. The National Psi Chi Office is located in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and is run by elected psychologists who are also Psi Chi members.  Psi Chi provides academic recognition to its members and offers an atmosphere compatible with creative development.

Visit the International Website.

Requirements for Membership

  • Must be a GRS or CAS Psychology Major or Minor
  • Successful completion of 3 semesters for undergraduates or 1 semester for graduate students
  • Completion of a minimum of 3 psychology courses
  • A minimum overall GPA of 3.3
  • A minimum psychology major GPA of 3.0

To Apply

Benefits of Membership

  • Contacts and references
  • Résumé building
  • Opportunities are available for members to promote research, receive recognition, and meet with leaders in their field

For a full list of member benefits, please see the International Website.

Distinguished Members

  • Albert Bandura
  • Elizabeth Loftus
  • B. F. Skinner
  • Philip Zimbardo
  • Many others!

Executive Board 2017-2018

Advisor: Dr. Joanne Hebden Palfai

Psi Chi Location

Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences
64 Cummington Mall