Faculty Labs

Below is a listing of all Boston University-affiliated psychology labs.  You may also consult our Faculty Research Projects listing to learn about the current research interests of our faculty.

Laboratory Director
Active Perception Laboratory Michele Rucci
Attention and Perception Neuroimaging Laboratory David Somers
Boston University Twin Project Kimberly Saudino
Brain and Early Experiences Laboratory Amanda Tarullo
Center for Anxiety & Related Disorders Lisa Smith
Center for Autism and Research Excellence Helen Tager-Flusberg
Center for Memory & Brain TBD
Child Cognition Laboratory Deborah Kelemen
Cognitive Neuroimaging Laboratory Chantal Stern
Computational Neurophysiology Laboratory Michael Hasselmo
Developing Minds Laboratory Melissa Kibbe
Family Development & Treatment Laboratory Martha Tompson
Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience Kathleen Kantak
Laboratory of Cognitive Neurobiology Howard Eichenbaum
Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology & Behavior James Cherry
Optimizing Prediction of Anxiety and Depression Laboratory Anthony Rosellini
Psycholinguistics Laboratory Catherine Caldwell-Harris
Psychotherapy & Emotion Laboratory Stefan Hofmann
The Ramirez Group Steve Ramirez
Social Development and Learning Laboratory Peter Blake
Theoretical Cognitive Neuroscience Lab Marc Howard
Vision and Cognition Laboratory Alice Cronin-Golomb
Visual Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory Robert Reinhart
Visual Neuroscience Laboratory Sam Ling