David Mostofsky

Professor Emeritus

  • Title Professor Emeritus
  • Education PhD, Boston University

Research Interests

I am interested in various topics in behavioral medicine that can be studied in either humans or animals within a general framework of operant conditioning, psychoimmunology, and fatty acid biochemistry. Currently active research is concentrated on:

  1. the role of restraint induced stress on inflammatory markers and its modification by fatty acid supplementation
  2. supplementation of immune enhanced diet for Alzheimer patients.

Selected Publications

  • Mostofsky, D.I., Rabinovitz,S., and Yehuda, S. (2004). The use of fatty acid supplementation in seizure management. Neurobiology of Lipids. 3 (4), pp 17-25.
  • Yehuda, S., Rabinovitz, S., and Mostofsky, D.I., (2005). Essential fatty acids and cognition. In: B Vellas and L.J. Fitten, (Eds.)¬†Nutrition, Cognitive Decline, and Alzheimer’s Disease (pp. 82-86).¬†Springer: Paris.
  • Mostofsky, D.I. and Yehuda, S. (2005). The use of fatty acids in the diet for seizure management. In: O. Devinsky, S. Schachter, and S. Pacia, (Eds). Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Epilepsy. (pp 205-218). Demos Medical Publishing: N.Y.
  • Yehuda, S. and Mostofsky, D.I. (Eds). (2005) Nutrients, Stress, and Medical Disorders. Humana Press: Totowa, N.J.
  • Mostofsky, D.I., Forgione, A. G., and Giddon, D.B. (Eds). (2005).¬†Behavioral Dentistry. Blackwell Munksgaard Publishers.

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